Brand Love

Venspark LLC, Seattle WA
Video gaming marketing consultancy
Inspiration: RGB raster display

Venspark LLC. is a company accelerator working primarily with companies in the IT, Digital Entertainment and Video Gaming sectors. They focus on early stage companies with desires to launch new products and services looking to expand their business into new markets.

SpotOnRadio extends and enhances traditional broadcast radio by enabling real-time listener interaction, sharing visual content, and data-enriched advertising through a branded mobile application..
Spot On Radio, Bellevue WA
Startup: Interactive Radio Mobile Application
Inspiration: Young and Hip Listeners
fedmark corp, Redmond WA
Federated copyright service "SaaS"
Inspiration: FedEx, corporate clean
and professional

The fedmark Image Solution delivers DRM to the content industry with a solution that enables tracking, monitoring, legal control and recovery of all digital images. The fedmark Platform is designed specifically for the photographer, designer, artist, and provides the ability to track and manage copyrighted digital images.

Strata8 Networks owns PCS wireless spectrum. Strata8 built their network around Broadsoft’s BroadWorks VOIP architecture, enabling medium-size to large enterprises to fully integrate features and applications to their cellular device..
Strata8 Cellular Network, Bellevue WA
Startup: Private cellular network
Inspiration: Infinity radio waves
Technically Learning, Seattle WA
Charter school in Seattle
Inspiration: Fun, creative ideas for STEM learning

Technically Learning believes that every child, regardless of their gender, race or socio-economic background, should have the opportunity to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Every Young Girl is Beautiful. Health and beauty is natural; girls are naturally Healthy and Beautiful. To change the world by making teen girls healthier and happier, one girl and one product at a time. .
AvaBella LLC, Kirkland WA
AvaBella health and beauty in a box
Inspiration: We care you are loved