HP Cloud Marketplace

Enterprise Cloud Services Marketplace

The virtual private cloud marketplace is a multi-year project spanning across multiple HP Cloud Services product units. A marketplace is the common aggregation point for the creation, registration, management, discovery and purchases to IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

Opportunity and Outcome


Create a commercial portal as entry point to HP cloud products and services. Create a community, provide sample cost and pricing calculation tools. Offer a quote-2-cash low touch automated system supporting high volume sales enabling and supporting multiple business and sales channels model.


Develop a membership program as the virtual private cloud Eco system, unlocking doors and providing possible targets to cloud applications, developers, and independent software vendors (ISV), and system integrator migrating applications for SaaS clients.

As the UX Offering Manager

As the senior user experience offering manager in the virtual private cloud product unit, I led the creation to the product vision and launched the marketplace as part of the pan-hp initiative across public, hybrid, and private cloud services. My challenge included collaboration among product units and priorities with various groups and product road-maps. This was a multi-year project where I wore many different hats, managed a team of UX designers, collaborated with business analysis, software engineers, working in multiple time zones and locations. Best of all, I was hands-on designing and prototyping, along-side of talented individuals.

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The Design Process

As with any traditional user-centered design best practices, I was able to complete my user research, capture customer pain-points, and interview user groups and communities within HP. Cross-teams collaboration is always a challenge lead. I began designing content buckets laying out a blueprint as the foundation to get agreement. The Marketplace framework consist of four main categories: prioritization, organization, presentation, and specifications.

Homepage Sitemap

The user scrolls down the page to reveal information organized by their verticals - IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

Homepage Mockups

The homepage is designed with an editorial calendar keeping it updated, fresh and relevant.

Calculator Sitemap

The Price Calculator page is designed to communicate HP cloud solutions, thought leadership, and value.  

Calculator Mockup

The Price Calculator to estimate moving application workloads is located at the bottom of the page.

Community Sitemap

Community is focused entirely on cloud communities, user groups, crowd sourcing, blogs, partners and product info.

Community Mockup

Customers and users alike can post questions, find information and subscribe to information, expertise, and recommendations.

Return on Investment

Taking the commercial portal business requirements, I enlisted Forrester research to consult and validate our next generation “ROI” cost web-tool calculator and write a case study to HP Virtual Private Cloud vs Private Cloud cost assessment. After several weeks of product planning, I decided to leverage our internal HP Alinean ROI tool which was already in production and used within the company. Best of all it offered a very robust solution with minimal licensing cost with only 8 weeks of development effort to go to market.

with minimal investment

Benefit of Return Estimated $20 million